LAURA E. PARTAIN | Journal Entry #6: A night at the Grand Ole Opry with Kelsey Waldon and a signing to John Prine's Oh Boy Records

I’ve known Kelsey since July of 2013. We met at a backyard party on July 4th at her old place on the south side of Nashville. A friendship was instantaneous and soon after followed a steadfast working relationship of many photoshoots through the years. Last week, John Prine announced in front of the audience at the Grand Ole Opry that Kelsey would be signing to his record label, Oh Boy Records. The following are a few photographs from the evening, one filled with tremendous love and pride for one another.

Kelsey has always been an inspiration to me and a true friend. through the years She consistently reminded me to work hard with a capital ‘h’, and to always strive to make better work than the day before. We’ve seen each other struggle, and have taken turns encouraging one another when we were feelin’ a little rough. Through Kelsey i met the love of my life, alec. and in Kelsey, i forever have a beautiful friend. I’m glad this cat is FINALLY out of the bag with this signing and new record. The future is big n beautiful for this dear friend. Enjoy the photographs from this evening, yall.