LAURA E. PARTAIN | Journal Entry #10: My little Sun and Moon

These two often only appear in instagram stories or on my personal facebook page, but occasionally trade a portrait for treats. I had about 8 frames left on a roll of film from a Kelsey Waldon shoot that had to be rushed to the lab (in fact her last record cover came from the same roll of film these two images came from), and I wanted to make sure it was used up before it was sent out.

Luna (left) and Apollo (right) are Highlander Snow Lynxes. No they aren’t wild, but they’re genetically closer related to wild cats than the average domesticated feline. That being said, they are some of the sweetest and most engaging beings ive ever had the pleasure of knowing. In fact, some therapists recommend Highlanders as emotional support pets due to their loving and engaging personalities.

Luna is gentle, pixie-sized, and loves to talk. Apollo is a big guy who loves to wrestle and play hide and seek. They both are trained to ride in the car and walk on leashes, and it’s something we love doing together.

There are no words to describe my love for them, and I cant imagine our lives without each other. Our walks, our rides. Wrestling, chasing, and when Alec is on tour, they spoon me. Both of them.

I figured I write enough about music, so here’s an entry just for these two friends of mine.